23th BES Meeting, October 19, 2013.

Belgian Endocrine Society Lecture 
presented by
Dr. Ilse
Vanhorebeek (KUL)  “Multiple organ failure during critical illness: mitochondrial dysfunction
and impaired autophagy as key targets for pharmacological intervention.”

Invited lectures eminently presented
by :
Prof. Claus H. Gravholt (┼rhus University Hospital, Denmark)  “New developments in Klinefelter Syndrome.”
Prof. P.F. Plouin ( CHU Paris)   “Recent Advances in Primary Aldosteronism.”

Young investigators presented results of either basic research or clinical research.

At the last meeting, the new BES board was installed.
For 2014-2015 Prof. Luc Van Gaal is the BES president,
Prof. Bernard Corvilain is secretary.
We thank Prof Beckers for his very longstanding commitment to the BES.
The following new members were approved:

• Boros Emese
• Burlacu Maria-Cristina
• Burniat Agnes
• De Leu Nico
• De Necker Nathalie
• Driessens Natacha
• Sajevets Tatjana
• Stoup Athanasia
• Strivay Marie
• Twickler Marcel
• Hoste Joke

>The BES Board decided to organize a new concept for the next meeting on
> Friday 17th and Saturday 18 october 2014.
>The definite location will be confirmed later. Please already safe these dates in your agenda’s.

Many thanks to all who made this meeting a success, by speaking, chairing sessions, welcoming participants,
controlling technical aspects, not forgetting the pharmaceutical companies.



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17 mai 2014


The 16th Meeting of the European Neuroendocrine Association
September 10-13



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